Thursday, October 01, 2015

InvictaCon, o maior evento de jogos de tabuleiro do Norte.

Embora este post não tenha nada a ver com o formato do blog, não podia deixar de divulgar um evento organizado por amigos para divulgar os jogos de tabuleiro.

Por isso se poderem dar lá um saltinho não percam a oportunidade, não se irão arrepender.

Por Valentim Nabais:
Para os mais distraídos a InvictaCon começa já amanhã prolongando-se até domingo.
É apenas o maior evento da zona do Porto e do Norte do País ligado aos Jogos de Tabuleiro.
É um evento gratuito quer para fãs deste hobbie quer para curiosos, existindo voluntários disponíveis para explicar os jogos aos participantes.
Estarão presentes mais de 300 jogos de tabuleiro e esperamos contar com mais de 400 participantes.
É preciso desmistificar os jogos de tabuleiro:
1- Os jogos de tabuleiro não são uma coisa de criança e infantis: os jogos de tabuleiro presentes são jogos de tabuleiro para adulto.
2- Os jogos de tabuleiro são muito complicados: grande parte dos jogos presentes são jogos familiares jogáveis por crianças a partir dos 8 anos (mesmo não sendo infantis) sendo uma excelente oportunidade de se divertir em família.
3- Os jogos de tabuleiro são muito demorados: Existem jogos que demoram menos de 5 minutos a jogar e já com uma explicação, mas também teremos jogos que demorarão várias horas.
Existem jogos de várias temáticas, com vários níveis de estratégia, jogos para 2 e jogos para grandes grupos. Temos jogos onde a diversão é uma constante, noutros é necessária concentração e puxar pela cabeça. Jogos onde terão de mostrar a destreza e outros onde testarão a rapidez dos seus reflexos.
Acima de tudo uma grande diversidade e a garantia de uma grande diversão.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time healing

I just though I got closer
But instead, it was all over
Did you look over the shoulder
Did you regret it, when you got older

I somehow got around
Without crying or making a sound
I got lost, didn't want to get found
Seemed I still had to rebound

The years went on in despair
As I tried in vain to repair
My poor destroyed lair
I couldn't be more impair

Now I have gotten much older
I have finally moved over
After all there was nothing for me
To keep barking at the same tree

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An introduction to Magic by Master Monty

Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.

Everything that it's possible to do with magic can be decomposed and explained by this core elements.

So Magic in Ammerinthia is basically the ability to control this elements.

But to do so you have to give some thing for it.

Earth magic consumes your flesh. It's proeminent users  are mostly fat peope who have a lot of flesh to spend. Using it daily requires that you eat huge quantities of food so you don't end with only skin and bones.

Fire steals the warm from your body. It's very refreshing to use it in a warm environment but very risky in the cold, even if you are only trying to warm yourself, since you might be death by the time you are warming up.

Water takes a toll on your blood. It becomes thicker making it harder to circulate it through your body.

Wind magic takes oxygen from your body. It's the most used kind of magic since it can be replenished by just breathing, but it's also considered the weakest element since it's the one that requires more effort to change anything.

But even though everyone can use it, what you really can do change from person to person.

To discern what you can do is a mission that you only can finish, no one can tell what you can do or how far you can push yourself. That's something only you can find and in the worst case die for.

Here we will only teach you how to achieve something by using the least amount of Magic.

So by the end of this three years you will be able to identify and use anything in the best possible way to achieve what you have set your mind on.

This is will be our objective.

Letter to a Death Love


Remember that passage of the prophecy that you kept saying that was about me?

That one were you had to die so I could finish it!

Well, this is what I will do about it:

I won't be the savior, I will be the killer.
I won't be the hope of Ralsaz but it's doom.

This is all your fault! Yours and that prophecy that decided you had to sacrifice yourself so whatever event happened without fault...

Fuck with it. I will piss on it with every fiber way of my been.

I won't follow your fucking fate, I will take my revenge on it and you by contradicting everything I can and you can't do shit about it, since you decided to be a martyr!

So I hope, that you were wrong, because if the man in that prophecy it's really me, you have just died a stupid and uneventful death.

And no, I don't feel sorry for you, I only feel sorrow for me that has to leave the rest of its life without you.

Want me to follow it?  Then find some way to resurrect from the Death!

Dearly yours.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting it on track once again.

I haven't posted in a long while.

Between some failed projects,  job hunting, lack of time and my own laziness, I haven't wrote much besides some writing and translating for my long book project.

I have being for quite some time trying to finish. It's taking so much to show something because I wrote it in English at first, unfortunately after reading it, when I was half way through it, I disliked own poor my English vocabulary looked like when I compared them to books I have being reading. While I understand that this is normal to some degree, I was not satisfied even one bit and I redid the thirst chapter in Portuguese and luckily I found it good enough.

So at the moment I'm still working in the writing/translation of what I have wrote in English and finishing it, that I hope it won't take much longer even though since I only write when I feel like it, will be hard.

I'm considering polishing the first chapter and publish it here, since I don't think I will change much about it in the long run and I want to have something new around here.

So look forward to it and I will look forward to your comments on it.

Best regards.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I thought I saw something for a while
But it might have been only a smile
That runs away for a long mile
And that can't be hold in a file

So don't take a picture away
You might miss the day
When it happens for a while
That run away smile

That you have never seen before
And that you might not see no more
Because you were hopping for a file
Instead of enjoying it for a while

Friday, July 05, 2013


Open your eyes while you are listening
Don't pretend that you are sleeping
Cause in the end I will find the truth
That you have being hiding since your youth

And I will open it to shambles
I will find the hidden samples
I will take them all apart
And reconstruct it from the start

And Don't hide in your illusionary hell
Because it will be easy to dispel
There´s nowhere for you to hide
Not even in behind you worthless pride

And I will open it to shambles
I will find the hidden samples
I will not let you run away
I will be sure to make my way

And there will be a time that's sure to come
When you will be finally able to go home
It will be when you have no doubts
And when you stop looking for outs

And I will open it to shambles
I will find the hidden samples
I will store them in a way
That will let you run away